Little Lillies

"If you can see it in your mind,

you can hold it in your hand"

Bob Proctor

We at ‘Little Lillies’ like to think outside the box….
If you want some chrysanthemums complete with matching vase…. then please don’t come to us!

If, however you would like a creative yet incomparable floral display, using some of the most exotic beautiful plants and greenery created by nature; then you need look no further. 

Each eye-catching display is individually custom-made to your specification.  However simple or involved your idea may be, allow us to take that and evolve it into something truly wonderful and unique.

If you like the idea of a ‘blank canvas’ with no idea of size, colour or flower, then let us guide you through our thought process as we talk about the vision we could create for you.

We can make it as simple and elegant or as wacky and weird as you like.  From the most delicate of Van orchids to the rough textured bark of the Eucalyptus tree, our creativity and passion is limitless.

We pride ourselves upon giving 100% customer satisfaction. From the moment we are commissioned; it is imperative for us that we listen to and address each client’s needs.  As each job we undertake is so varied, we don’t work from a strict price list.  Instead we encourage you as the customer to approach us with an idea and a budget in mind.  We can then maximise our artistic potential, ensuring that you get the best possible creation of floristry for the budget you stipulated.  Rest assured there will be no hidden extras, as you will know from the onset exactly what your costing will be.  

We are friendly and approachable with a natural empathy for gauging and addressing each client’s needs.  We love what we do and this reflects in every project we undertake.

The History

Little Lillies was formed by husband and wife team; Owen and Anna Lavin.  Together they have built up a successful floristry business which has been trading in excess of eleven years.

Anna’s skills and passion lie in making beautiful and exquisite bouquets and floral tributes whilst Owen has a penchant for combining his past trade as a sculptor with his present day one as an artistic florist.  It didn’t take long for him to realise that there was great demand for his masterpieces!

Look around the various offices, bars, shops, and restaurants in and around the city of Southampton and you will be sure to spot numerous displays by Owen and his wife Anna.

Flying off somewhere nice for the weekend? Owen’s handiwork can be found adorning the busy local airport.

Wedding to attend?  Chances are whilst Anna’s bouquets and buttonholes embellish the bride and groom; it will be Owen’s signature dish arrayed on the table.

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